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 Families, small groups and churches are welcome to host classes either online, conference calls or a designated location. 

Our wellness classes serve as an opportunity for individuals, families and groups to openly dialogue on a myriad of topics regarding health and the benefits of wellness services.  We believe that wellness and good health begins in the mind; therefore, during our classes, we address health and wellness services from the participant’s viewpoint and build further on their understanding.

How to Begin Your Wellness Lifestyle?  ( 4-Weeks)  (Special)

Provide understanding of why and how a wellness mindset begins, Participants will learn and apply the principles of change to begin their wellness journey and thru discussion empower individuals of how to accept responsibility and accountability for their own wellness path, whether thru wellness or traditional practices. 

Wellness Services  Right for Me (3-weeks)

Participants will discuss and experience a variety of alternative wellness services and their positive impact  on health. Participants will discuss how to decide whether a technique is right for them.

5 Lifestyle Wellness Practices that Improves Health  (4-Weeks)

Participants will learn what and how lifestyle practices either influences and balances health or develops into disease or disorders. Participants will receive a lifestyle assessment to determine what lifestyle behaviors and practices need improvement and and begin to re-create their own health.

Restore Health thru Detox & Nutritional Therapy (5-Weeks) (Special)

Participants will become acquainted with one of the body’s natural function, “detoxification" of its purpose, function and benefits.  In addition, participants will learn what foods, supplements  and herbs that supports the body’s detox function.

Stress Management and Well-being (4-Weeks)

Participants will  understand what stress is and the impact it has on the development of disease and disorders.  Participants will also explore various stress management techniques to incorporate in their lives.

Preparations for Winter Wellness (3-Weeks)

Participants will understand the function of the immune system and how to maintain a strong functioning immune system.

Celebrating and Understanding Menopause (2-Weeks)

Participants will learn the factors involved in what determines the type of experience a woman will have during menopausal period.

Our Food GMO or Organic  (3-weeks)

Learning the most about your food. Participants will be given several definitions and explanations of  how to decode food advertisements, deciding on the better and best food choices as well as the pros and cons of genetically modified foods and organic foods.

The Meditation Station  (5-Weeks) (Special)

 Participants will learn the components of how to meditate, the  benefits of meditation on health and the balancing of  body/mind/spirit.  Participants will also learn how to use meditation to relax, increase energy or connect with your higher self and gain inner peace.

(Special)  Includes one (1) Guest***