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Life Bound Wellness is tremendous on educating and guiding individuals to maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

We believe that aside from substandard health resulting from a set of poor  lifestyle choices, we understand that our mental/emotional patterns also impacts our health.  We offer services that address restoring health through the addressing the body and emotional/mental imbalances.   

Our goal is to promote and offer education on the benefits and effectiveness of alternative wellness services where as wellness services are not only sought as a preventative approach, but also as a considered health restoration choice.***

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Wellness Consultation &

Zyto Scan

Our Wellness Consultation consist of a written and verbal questionnaire of the clients history, health desires and goals, basic vital checks, urinalysis, lifestyle assessment and a Zyto scan.  Each provided with a recommended plan to follow, to include but not limited to, herbal and/or nutritional therapy, detox therapy, an educational assignment, lifestyle activity and one or two of the many wellness modalities.

About the Zyto Scan

A Zyto Wellness Scan is a bio-communication tool that offers a simple and non-invasive process of capturing the stressors in the body that contributes to imbalances in our health.  The Zyto (Balance) scan allows the practitioner to provide a plan to address nutritional deficiencies, accumulated toxicities, over-growth of bacteria and viruses, prolong emotional burdens and hydration issues.  The Zyto scan takes about 7 minutes to perform by placing your hand on the Zyto cradle and clicking run.  During this process, subtle energetic impulses are introduced to your body.  Your body will naturally respond to this communication as the Zyto software records each response, thus providing a report of the outcome of the stressors impacted on the four main systems responsible for health: Detoxification, Hormonal, Immune and Digestive.***


Detox Therapy

Detox Therapy is an alternative and complementary treatment assisting the body in its normal process of neutralizing and ridding harmful and accumulated toxins from the body.  Detoxification is a natural function of the body.  We are bombarded daily with toxins through pollution, food, water, household cleaners, body & beauty products, medication & OTC drugs, food additives, food packaging, vehicle exhaust, power and industrial plants and more.

  Detox Therapy can be greatly beneficial to health and well-being.  During this time,  you are assisting the  body in its natural process by allowing the body time to rest from the regularly daily exposure of toxins, giving your body quality and healthier food and drink,  incorporating herbs and supplements to neutralize toxins ridding them from the body, improving digestion flow, killing parasites and  harmful microbes as well as repopulating the gut with beneficial microorganisms and replenishing the body with proper nutrients. ***

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Reiki Sessions & Attunements

Life Bound Wellness offers both Reiki education and attunements for levels I, II and III and Reiki sessions.

Reiki, pronounced as ray key, (Rei means universal or spiritual and Ki means life Force or energy) is known as  a simple and powerful system of energy work that heals and balances the spirit, mind and body.  

Reiki is the use of the life force energy administered as the Practitioner channels this energy and by placing hands slightly above the target areas (usually the main chakras).  This energy in penetrated to the deepest level of the person's being where imbalances have originated and needed most. This release of blocked and stagnated energies and toxicities, promote healing and an overall sense of well-being.  Healing takes place in a stress-free and relaxed state.  Several sessions are recommended.***

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Shadow Work Mediator

Mediating between the shadow self (hidden aspects that were conveyed as unacceptable or not good enough) and the persona self (that part which we show the world) for the purpose of whole-self integration. Assisting through the process of loving, healing and accepting the shadow self.
Everyone has a shadow self; behaviors and attitudes that we keep hidden because we learned early on that they were not acceptable. Despite the suppression, unfavorable behaviors do forge through, such as addictions, feelings and acts of rage and violence, sexual deviancy, self-sabotaging behaviors, depression, social anxiety and more.  Explore these behaviors and illuminate your shadow self and live a more free, meaningful and purpose-driven life.  ***

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Nature's Sunshine

Your complete source of supplements, herbs and essential oils.  Information and benefits of herbs and supplements available for your education and appropriate purchasing. Quick and reliable delivery. Place you order today and feel the results you are seeking.***


New Body Product

New Body presents a full range of high quality herbs that are available to assist your wellness needs.  Herbs are without fillers, synthetic material or binders. 100 count of vegetarian cap in each bottle.  A worthy note, New Body products are best known for their powerful detox formula, CKLS, Worms-B-Gone and Freedom.***

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